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Paracuru — General information

AREA : 3909.60 acres
FOUNDATION : State Decree No. 25.418 of 29 March 1999
LOCATION : City of Paracuru, 86 km from Fortaleza


Paracuru in Tupi means “Sea of Lizards”. The municipality has 17 km of coastline with beautiful beaches lined by a warm water sea. Paracuru begins south of the mouth of the river teeming with fish of São Gonçalo, crosses beautiful white sand dunes , cliffs, coves with calm waters and reefs forming natural pools and ends at the mouth of the river Curu surrounded by mangroves . All this is framed by coconut trees and an emerald green sea. Inland we find white sand dunes dotted by small crystalline lagoons.

The city of Paracuru is known nationally and internationally as a paradise for kite surfing windsurfing and surfing, because of the perfect waves and strong winds that blow almost constantly throughout the year. You can also the practice sandboarding on the dunes whereby you ski down the slopes with a board tied to your feet . You can also enjoy horse riding, trekking in the dunes, sports fishing or canoeing along the rivers.


Among the main attractions are the beaches and lagoons :

- The beach of Pedra Redonda and Pericoara — lined by small fisherman’s houses and their traditional fishing sail boats
- The beach Barra do Rio Curu at the mouth of the river with its mangroves
- The Lagoa do João Rola, Lagoa do Jirau and Lagoa do São Pedro nestled between the dunes
- The famous beach of Pedra Rachada and it’s restaurants
- The natural fresh water swimming pools
- The local wildlife



The dunes of Paracuru are part of the ecosystem of the coastal plain. They are formed by wind-​blown sand and are aligned to the direction of the prevailing winds .

Plants and Wild Life

Wildlife consists of mammals, reptiles , amphibians and birds among which we find the Well, Ben-tevi’s, Rolinha, Sabiá, Urubu, Maçarico, Juriti, Spiders, Snakes, Chameleon’s, Sagui, Foxes, Preás, Jungle cats and Owls. Examples of local plants in the area are : Coconut trees, Cashew, Castanhola, Cardeiro, Aroeira, Cinnamon, Plum, Imburana, Jatobá, Jurema, Pau d’ arco, Murici, Mangaba.

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