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Wingfoil School Paracuru

Paracuru Wingfoil Center

PARACURU WINGFOIL CENTER is the first WINGFOIL school opened on the west coast of FORTALEZA and is located at QUEBRAMAR in PARACURU, a place that has already become a reference for this new sport and known throughout Brazil.

The school offers its clients all the equipment to learn safely and suitable for each level, depending on the wind conditions: bulky boards, low mast and high elevation, sail with bar or handles, impact vest, helmet and radio. Classes are given individually or in pairs and last about 60 minutes.

Languages spoken: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian. 
Individual class costs 350 reais per hour
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Air : 23 - 33°C

Water : 27°C

From June to March

18 to 30 knots


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Women (+/- 60kg) : 5 - 7

Man (+/- 85kg) : 7 - 9 -11

WING 3-4-5


Flat water - low tide

Waves (until 3m) - high tide


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